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This month on WTReportage, you will find:
- Luca Rinaldini tells, with his photographs, the life on Mozambique Island, a small island in the former Portuguese colony now annexed to the Republic of Mozambique. Connected to the African continent by a long bridge, the little island remains suspended in the past and does not seem to suffer modernity of the world. A cultural journey to discover of a simple and colorful life.
- Carlo Piccinelli continues his journey on New Caledonia departing from Noumea, the capital, until you reach a small island with the lighthouse Amedee through the great lagoon well protected by coral reefs. A trip to lovers of the sea.
- In the video of this month, you can see the new 007 Museum. A museum built on the summit of the Mount Schilthorn in the Jungfrau region in Switzerland. In the movie "Agent 007 in the service of Her Majesty" (turned in 1969), Piz Gloria is the name of the headquarters of the infamous Spectre. A journey for all seasons. In the summer with long walks admiring the view of the famous Eiger and Jungfrau mountain peaks or, in winter, for downhill rides along the track named Inferno that from 2970 m, reach Murren at 1650 meters of altitude.
- Next "Follow Me": Carlo Piccinelli in the Peloponnese (Greece) from 8 to 30 september

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