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  Carlo Piccinelli

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This month on World Travel Reportage:
- Australia part 3. Kakadu National Park, the aboriginal lands to visit the beautiful cave paintings of Injalak Hill (Oempelli) and the wild Cobourg Peninsula. to visit the ruins of Victoria town, the first settlement of English settlers landed in Australia in 1830.
- Gianni Gallo presents photographic images in black and white cleaned and restored, of the journey in 1930 of Edmondo Bernacchi, one of the first "tourists" who has been around the world for his pleasure of traveling and visiting countries not yet accustomed to see tourists. Thanks to Sandro Bottazzi for permission to publish images on
- Video. The fleet of steamboats wheel, one of the largest in the world still sailing on Leman Lake. The interview with Maurice Decoppet, President of ABVL (Friends of the Steam Boat Lausanne) allows us to learn about the history and problems of maintenance and navigation of this fleet of the Belle Epoque time.
- Follow Me. Continue the journey in South Maldives of Carlo Piccinelli between the atolls less known of the Maldivian archipelago.